Wether you produce a switchgear cabinet exhaust in series or need ventilation inside your reflow soldering plant - ask us. TIGER customers appreciate

long-term-stable cooling conditions in their systems and apparatuses. All the same whether in the medicine equipment or in the electronic four-quadrant controller for press control. Graphic mechanical engineering, laser technology, calendering machines or money printers, front and back plates design,

coffee machines, solar controller, ultrasonic systems, special purpose machines build, or you make electronics for snow cannons on the ski run or you need 

24V AC Fans for mushrooms breed. Exhausts for most varied applications you´ll find inside our assortment.


Compact fans for AC + DC operation are our core competence. We modify cables and supply contacts for your production already inside our asian factory.

Brands like Lumberg, AMP, Molex, JST, DuPont, Weidmüller, Phoenix contact, Ria electronic, econ etc. Contacts, housings, socket strips, with insulation tubes or insulating hoses, wiring terminals with or without insulation - we pre-mount parts for your electronics production. Cable assembly for the sophisticated industry. Please, take us at our word by challenging us with ambitious tasks and

placing trust in our competency and customer oriented thinking!



We manufacture according to your wishes and ideas molex board connectors (mbc) for individual use. Standard or special lengths are possible within a few days only for i. e. PWM extension cables with 4-pole connectors.

Multi or single coloured cabling is no problem. VDE or UL wire strands.


We´d like and are capable to assemble contacts onto your products like fans, switches, your own electronic components or those from other brands and makers. Small amounts or large serial volumes - contact our sales dept. Send us your inquiry or if you need further information or you want personal advice, you can call us as well: +49-6172-66797-0